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I love this practice.  The doctor is incredibly well versed.  His holistic approach is something that more people should look into.  The staff is wonderful:  friendly, courteous, flexible with switching appointment dates around.  I can't say enough positive things about this place.  So glad a place like this is in this small town.

– Porpoise P.

I have been looking for a dentist for so long that looks at the whole structure of my mouth and not just my teeth. Finally I have found one! Dr Pruett treats TMJD. My TMJD causes me serious headaches. After chatting with Dr Pruett I have learned so much about my jaw, head and neck and how they're all related. I am now getting routine cranial and they have given me so much relief. Its so great to have someone with a wide range of knowledge that looks at me as more of a "whole" not just "drill and fill" type. Love the office, love the staff, love the dentist. Definitely recommend this guy to anyone!

– Ron R.

The first time I saw Dr. Pruett, he was kind enough to take me after hours for an emergency. I have seen him twice since then and have always been impressed with his knowledge and natural approach to dentistry. In case you have this problem, It may help you to know that I am truly dental phobic. Dr. Pruett and his staff are very patient and will do everything possible to make people like me feel as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. You can listen to your own music CD if you want to take one with you. All in all, my experience in Dr. Pruett's office has been as pleasant as it could be for one who avoids dental appointments if at all possible.

– Pat G.

I have been going to Dr. Pruett  for about 8 years. He and his staff have been absolutely wonderful. He removed all my mercury fillings, and has taken care of l my other dental problems. He has also treated me for my TMJ disorder which has really helped.

The office staff has been really helpful working out payments.

I was looking for a holistic dentist when I found him and I sure have been happy.
I put a review up here a couple of months ago and it was taken down. It is very strange that a negative review stays at the top for seven months but a positive one is taken down after just a couple.

– Vickie R. 

Dr. Pruett has been in the Chico area for over 20 years and he's a brilliant dentist! He is not just your average dentist. He takes his time with you, explains what he's doing and why and he uses some of the latest technology to make sure you don't get exposed to any dangerous heavy metals (mercury). He's the first dentist I've been to that understands how to get your teeth and gums healthy without a bunch of nasty chemicals. I can easily recommend anyone to Dr. Pruett.

—Jason G.

I have heavy metal toxicity and I'm going to Dr. Pruett to have my mercury amalgams removed safely.  I am confident he will take every precaution to keep me safe in the process.  He is very aware of the dangers.

- Angie J.

I have been going to Dr. Pruett for 10+ years. Albeit, he has an unconventional approach to dentistry in the way he treats his clients. He approaches dentistry in a way that encompasses the entire skeletal system. Nutrition, posture, skeletal alignment and muscular factors are all encompassing factors in his treatment.  He takes all these factors in consideration in his treatment modalities. In my experience with Dr. Pruett, he has encompassed massage, cranial alignment and nutritional counseling that was both appropriate and beneficial to me and my family. I fully trust his professional integrity and clinical staff to appropriately care for my family's dentistry needs.

– Julie C.

Such a great find! My experience with dentists hasn't been one that I would ever write a review about or ever reflect positively about - Until Now! This was my fourth time seeing Dr. Pruett and I will definitely be back. He's friendly, thorough, and has always answered all the questions I've had. Other pluses are that he saw me immediately, his office is super clean and in an 'easy to get to' nice location. I'm actually looking forward to my next visit! Dr. Pruett and his entire staff are professionals with exceptional skills in every area from the moment you walk in the door!

-- Jason W.

I have been seeing Dr Pruett since 2012. The entire office staff has been warm, professional and extremely proficient. The cleanings have been extremely gentle but thorough. Exams, fillings and tooth restorations have been done with utmost precision and care. Dr. Pruett really takes pride in his work!

-- Chris 

I have had extensive dental work since preschool. I'm sixty.  Of perhaps a few dozen dentists, and specialists, Dr. Pruett ranks highest. And his staff.  Practical, informed, friendly, and up to date technology.  Bonus, years of experience and wisdom.  I was very sad to move on, yet again, to another state.  Will miss this dentist. Huge thanks for making me switch away from toothpastes to baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.  New dentist complimented me on my great pink gums and hygiene.  Bonus, cheap and no sticky tubes laying about! Wish I'd found you about fifty years ago.

- Mary S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Pruett's for over 20 years. I have TMJ and he has done several cranial massages for me. Not one time has Dr. Pruett EVER been inappropriate. Anonymous G you are a very sick and pathetic person. If Dr. Pruett did what you alleged, first of all, why would you put it on Yelp, instead of contacting the authorities and/or an attorney first??Second of all, IF he was inappropriate in any way towards you, why would you go back 2 more times? It's people like you who try to destroy people's lives that make people with legitimate issues look bad. All so you can get a quick buck. I truly feel sorry for any medical professional or any other person who has to deal with you. Dr. Pruett is an amazing Dr. and person, along with all his staff. SHAME ON YOU ANONYMOUS G!!!!

-- Jessica 

I went and saw Dr.Pruett a few months back for a holistic view of my overall body health and my teeth and I am so impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He exceeded my expectations by far from what I was expecting my visit to be like. He is caring, smart, and brilliant. He will listen to what you’re saying and what your problems are. I went in knowing I needed some general dentistry work to be done on my teeth but I was also having some TMJ and headache issues. I wanted to try out a holistic approach and see what could be done. He took his time explaining to me and going over everything with me in detail so that I understood what he recommended needing to be done.  

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Pruett for over 13 years now and i wouldn't know where to start or end in my praises for his work, his knowledge, and what he's done for our lives simply by paying close attention to every detail of our dental needs and personal health.  He has also been in our health magazine for 13 years and we've always received the highest praises about him from our readers.  And the person out front, Cindy, keeps everything working smoothly and is always great to deal with.

Rahasya & Dhara,  The Lotus Guide Magazine, Chico

We relocated to Chico in January and we were RELIEVED to find a Holistic Dentist!  We relocated to Chico in January and we were RELIEVED to find a Holistic Dentist!  

Dr. Pruett and Staff are absolutely wonderful! What a BONUS!!  We had pediatric dentists that are friends of ours that our girls were raised with where we used to live, but really needed to find a local dentist that shared our beliefs when it came to health. So, needless to say, our expectations were VERY High!!

Our little girl of 6 yrs old (who is quite sensitive to people's character) was so comfortable and smiling with peace!  She was very calm and relaxed during her appointments. We would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Pruett and his staff.  

Dr. Pruett and staff treat you like you are family, and what a Blessing that truly is!

– Sonya T.

I have been going to Dr Pruett's for almost six years now and cannot say enough wonderful things about his expertise and his fabulous staff! Dr Pruett has a holistic approach, he doesn't just only care for your teeth, but how they affect your overall health. He is so knowledgeable about health and does such fantastic work. I love when I'm being worked on and don't have to just sit and hear a drill on my teeth. I can either listen to music with them that they play in the room, watch anything on Netflix, or my favorite, listen to Dr. Pruett talk about new things he has learned at seminars.

Dr. Pruett is also trained in myo-fascial release and cranial sacral therapy, because of that I also get cranial done for my TMJ, helps so much with my headaches. All in all I am so comfortable with Dr Pruett and his staff they are all so warm hearted and make me feel they really care not only about my teeth but my well being!

-- Sally C.

My name is Esther. When I was 12 yrs old, my parents took me to a dentist for the first time. He was the cheapest one they could find, and he found 12 plus cavities in my mouth, which he filled in 1 to 2 visits with amalgam fillings. That wasn't a good experience for me. 

At 42 years of age, I am struggling with short term memory loss, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and inflammation. It has led to a more serious effort in researching the underlying causes and problems, and I believe my amalgam fillings have been a contributor.

When my kids came along, I wanted better dental care for them, but didn't really know what to look for. I was told over and over, sometimes impatiently that my reservations on amalgam fillings were unfounded and that they are safe and hardly contain any mercury. I waffled between believing them and putting my faith in their "expertise", and the underlying feeling I felt in my gut that all was not as safe as I was pressured to think