My name is Esther. When I was 12 yrs old, my parents took me to a dentist for the first time. He was the cheapest one they could find, and he found 12 plus cavities in my mouth, which he filled in 1 to 2 visits with amalgam fillings. That wasn't a good experience for me. 

At 42 years of age, I am struggling with short term memory loss, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and inflammation. It has led to a more serious effort in researching the underlying causes and problems, and I believe my amalgam fillings have been a contributor.

When my kids came along, I wanted better dental care for them, but didn't really know what to look for. I was told over and over, sometimes impatiently that my reservations on amalgam fillings were unfounded and that they are safe and hardly contain any mercury. I waffled between believing them and putting my faith in their "expertise", and the underlying feeling I felt in my gut that all was not as safe as I was pressured to think

I did some research at that time, but it was hard for me to sort through to find the truth. On one hand, there was the conventional medicine/dentistry that pressured people to take their word (without question) on what is good for my kids. These doctors were often unwilling to have a discussion on alternatives and seemed to have biased views on anything they didn't practice. Perhaps their views were shaped in school by a curriculum that had been formulated with an agenda that excluded or devalued certain information. On the other hand, I am a mom who, (and I think there are many of us) wants to best for their kids health and is unwilling to compromise that for the sake of the thought that "This is what everyone thinks and who are you to question the Dr?" I am not a highly intellectual person, so I never debated with or intentionally challenged Dentist or Doctors, but seriously, some of them have displayed a lot of insecurity by one question!!

Having said that, I really do have respect for, and am proud of our medical advances, along with the far majority of doctors, dentists and nurses who are doing their best to make a difference. I appreciate their effort and heart.

I want to see our mindset shift from complete and ignorant reliance on Doctors, to taking responsibility for our health as parents and individuals. I feel, by placing such unrestrained trust in our doctor's education, we have handed our health over to a system that doesn't have our best in mind, and we have lost the value and art of healing through more natural means, as well as the gift of self education. (I do think that is coming back though.)

I would love to see the medical field and holistic/alternative medicine community work together. After all, promoting health should be the goal of both, right? I believe this would have to start with revamping our education.

Talking about education, I love the idea of holistic dentists - training up and coming dentists or those dentist wanting to expand their knowledge of whole body health and increase their effectiveness. It makes sense. 

I have been so happy with Dr. Pruett's dental care for our family. I am beyond grateful to have found a dentist who is as passionate as I am about my kids health, who is approachable and kind. My favorite attribute of Dr Pruett is he is always learning. He is not only educated through the system, but self-taught and has an appreciation for the understanding of the underlying causes of health issues. He does not mind me asking him questions!! He is truly a humble and great man, and for him to want to train others, is a great tribute to who he is and what matters to him!

There is an increasing need for our dentist to have a greater understanding of our whole body health, and to not only bandage or fix our teeth, but link them to the real problem (finding the cause and not just treating the symptoms) which then can be worked on to prevent or slow further decay or degeneration. That is empowerment!!

- Esther M.