I went and saw Dr.Pruett a few months back for a holistic view of my overall body health and my teeth and I am so impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He exceeded my expectations by far from what I was expecting my visit to be like. He is caring, smart, and brilliant. He will listen to what you’re saying and what your problems are. I went in knowing I needed some general dentistry work to be done on my teeth but I was also having some TMJ and headache issues. I wanted to try out a holistic approach and see what could be done. He took his time explaining to me and going over everything with me in detail so that I understood what he recommended needing to be done.  


After that initial visit we set up a few appointments to get some fillings and a cranial. I have never been so happy with a dental office and staff in my life! Every visit with the doctor has been very effective towards my problems and professional, yet all in a relaxing environment. Ever since I got my first cranial there my TMJ problems and headaches have subsided almost completely. I go back about once a month for one and I can’t believe how much they have helped my issues. No more medication to relieve the pain! I highly, highly recommend anyone who is having TMJ or headache issues that want a holistic approach to see Dr.Pruett. You will be happy with the treatment. He will work with you and help you as much as he can with all of his knowledge and practice! Not enough people know how much your teeth and overall body health are connected and can affect how you feel! I highly suggest calling up Dr.Pruett’s office if you are wanting any dentistry done with a holistic approach.

-- Rebecca W.