I have been going to Dr Pruett's for almost six years now and cannot say enough wonderful things about his expertise and his fabulous staff! Dr Pruett has a holistic approach, he doesn't just only care for your teeth, but how they affect your overall health. He is so knowledgeable about health and does such fantastic work. I love when I'm being worked on and don't have to just sit and hear a drill on my teeth. I can either listen to music with them that they play in the room, watch anything on Netflix, or my favorite, listen to Dr. Pruett talk about new things he has learned at seminars.

Dr. Pruett is also trained in myo-fascial release and cranial sacral therapy, because of that I also get cranial done for my TMJ, helps so much with my headaches. All in all I am so comfortable with Dr Pruett and his staff they are all so warm hearted and make me feel they really care not only about my teeth but my well being!

-- Sally C.