I have been a patient of Dr. Pruett's for over 20 years. I have TMJ and he has done several cranial massages for me. Not one time has Dr. Pruett EVER been inappropriate. Anonymous G you are a very sick and pathetic person. If Dr. Pruett did what you alleged, first of all, why would you put it on Yelp, instead of contacting the authorities and/or an attorney first??Second of all, IF he was inappropriate in any way towards you, why would you go back 2 more times? It's people like you who try to destroy people's lives that make people with legitimate issues look bad. All so you can get a quick buck. I truly feel sorry for any medical professional or any other person who has to deal with you. Dr. Pruett is an amazing Dr. and person, along with all his staff. SHAME ON YOU ANONYMOUS G!!!!

-- Jessica